That Patina Dream.

Dream is not what you see in sleep. Dream is something which doesn't let you sleep.
                                                                                                                 - Dr. Abdul Kalam.  

Latest trend in the art world is the Patina.

What is Patina??
Patina is a small layer of green film formed on metals like copper, as a result of oxidation, thats been exposed to the atmosphere for a long period of time.
Being a Chemistry student, I have always been attracted to the effects of oxidation be it in the laboratory or in reality. And now I have reunited with this wonder in nature, through art!

Everyday I keep dreaming about how to bring in the patina effect with whatever I have. And it hasn't let me sleep. So I decided to finally give it a try. 

I had a small canvas board, on which I had given a coat of dark brown. It was a long time ago, ( I don't even remember how long ago)when I had this board painted. 😣  I have quite a few boards that were shelved off only with background colours.😔God knows for what projects. 😁

Mixed media is the in thing now. So I decided to use this board. I poured liberal quantities of Fevicol in a bowl and added sand to that. I mixed it well and using a stencil, applied it on the board and let it dry completely.

When the board was semi dry, I took the picture. Hence this effect.

I took Fevicryl Pearl turquoise blue, Pearl Green and applied them on the background. When it was semi dry, I did the dry brush technique with Pearl Metallic Copper. I loved the perfect colouring (felt very excited as I got the patina effect!) with textured background.

Next I took few wooden embellishments and applied a coat of black.

 When it dried, I used the same 3 colours and painted them and using Fevicol, adhered 'em to the canvas. Added few punch craft flowers and special effects here and there with Pearl metallic 3D gold outliner. And voila!

 Ohh and never forget the quote! (My projects feel incomplete without it)
Now you know why I chose this quote. 😀😁


  1. What an absolutely GORGEOUS creation!!! I love it!!! And I love the quote appropriate. Your discription of your process was easy to follow...especially with the pictures :) Hugs...Janie


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