Home Decor Kettle

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Another beautiful day and I'm here at the Craft shop blog with another inspiration of One Stroke Painting on Kettle. Painted old Kettle forms a unique home decor and has always been on my mind for sometime as it is the current trend. 

As usual my supplies from the Craft Shop includes the following. 

Plaid Home Decor Chalk Paint Bavarian
Old Aluminium Kettle

Don't forget the Youtube link  at the end for the detailed tutorial. 

Wash the kettle thoroughly. Apply 2 coats of chalk paint allowing drying time between the coats, on the kettle and the lid.

In the meantime, fussy cut the birds from the Craftreat Decoupage paper. 
Stick the birds with Mod Podge on the kettle and smoothen it properly. Make sure there are no wrinkles.

Next load the brush with real brown and titanium white and draw the branches around the birds. 

To draw the leaves load Classic Green and lime green with a touch of Titanium white on the lime green edge. Paint the wiggling leaves. 

Load the brush next with Orange and daffodil yellow and paint the filler flowers using the tear drop strokes.

Something was amiss so I loaded my small scruffy with white and cardinal red and using the tapping technique, added few more fillers.

Now, moving on to the background. Using the dry brush technique, paint the whole kettle with Yellow flash colorshift paint. For the lid, use Red flash and yellow flash colorshifts. As the name suggests, the colour actually shifts and there's a little drama when we turn the kettle, giving a little dimension to the Painting. 

Give a coat of varnish to make the kettle washproof. The Kettle is now ready.

And here's the youtube link to the detailed tutorial of the kettle!
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