Cocoon Fiesta

Festivals! My favourite time of the year. Be it something simple like lighting the lamp or more intricate and elaborate like Golu (keeping the dolls) during Dussera (Navarathri), it brings such joy in the household. July, being the boring month it is, has no parties to host. Which, cup half full, means that you have ample time to plan for the upcoming festivals, starting with the preparation of handmade goodies for return gift, all the way upto pooja room decors for the glamorous festivals waiting around the corner. And Craftreat's latest release Silk Cocoons has been such an inspiration. Here's what I came up with the Silk Cocoons - Garland to decorate the deity and Toran for the entrance.

Simple Pleasures.

Stamped Mandala with Mudra


Where is the Party??

What you think you become

Colourful life

Altered Bowl

My Daddy Strongest

Be You