Iris One Stroke Painting

Iris is one of the most beautiful flowers, that symbolises life, love and light.

Today I'm at the Craft Shop Blog with a tutorial of Iris Flower One Stroke Painting.

To create the Iris, I have used 

We need a big flat brush to do this flower. I loaded the 3/4 flat brush with white on one edge and purple on the other. Since my painting is going to be on a paper base, it was required to use the floating medium. Remember... the floating medium should not be used in excess as the paints may become muddy. However, if the brush does not move well, then it becomes evident that we use the floating medium. 

First do the centre petal using the wiggling leaf stroke, which resembles a full leaf. Then do half leaf on either side of this centre petal using the wiggling stroke. While these 3 petals are facing up, do 2 more half leaf with wiggling stroke, facing down.

Add the long leaf stroke of sliding the chisel edge, pressing it downward and finishing with the chisel edge, to the 2 side petals and the 2 down petals.

Next, load the small scruffy with white and yellow to give the pollens of the flower. Add the stems and long leaves with lime green and classic green, with a touch of yellow on the lime green edge. The iris is now ready.

After finishing the painting, i felt i have to make the background a little more interesting. So i distressed the background with a light touch of antique linen and dusty concord distress inks.
Now the background looks complete.

I am an avid collector of handmade papers. 😁 The textures in them complement well with the painting. I had this green crumpled textured handmade paper that i felt would add interest to  the painting. And tada.... the painting is complete.

I then framed the painting and here it is... the frame adorning the wall.

Hope you try this and let me know. I would love to see your works of art.

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