One stroke Painting on Leather Purse

"Mum... There's a college cultural event this week and I want you to paint a purse for me by tomorrow"When my angel demands a work of art, to flaunt to her friends in college, how can I not oblige. I had saved a leather purse for decoupage work and she wanted that. 😀

Folkart multi surface paints whispered to me "Dread not.. I'm there". Yes... One stroke always comes to my rescue. And voila... The clutch is ready. 😎


Here's how I painted.

I gave a watery wash over the full clutch with a touch of titanium white and daffodil yellow. (The colours had to be subtle so as to match with her attire). I let it dry.

Next I loaded white with a touch of Aqua on one side of the flat brush 8 and Look At Me Blue on the other and painted the flower. This is a free style flower.

I then added few one stroke wiggling leaves with white and Aqua. Completed the composition with few fillers with blue and white, and decorated with blue dots. Tada.....the Hand Clutch is ready.


Materials used
Plaid Folkart Multisurface Paint Titanium White
Plaid Folkart Multisurface Paint Look at me Blue
Plaid Folkart Multisurface Paint Aqua
Plaid Folkart Multisurface Paint  Daffodil Yellow
Plaid Folkart One Stroke Brushes
Plaid Folkart Double loading Carousel
Leather Purse