Ganesha Mixed Media

Oh Ganapathy, the elephant faced God who resembles the Aum, I bow to you!

Ganesh Chathurthi, one of my favourite festivals, marks the birthday of my friend, guide and philosopher-Ganesha. We invoke him before all our endeavours so that he removes all obstacles that stand in our way. I wish for you all, my readers, family and friends, to have a wonderful year ahead and hope that you succeed in all your undertakings with his blessings.
Mixed Media is the latest craze in the art world. Mixed media is nothing but using 2 or more mediums and techniques in the art that is created. It does not follow any rules and doesn't have to be perfect. But me being a perfectionist, have created a Mixed media canvas with Ganesha theme using all major products from Fevicryl. You can check it out in HobbyIdeas Blog- Mixed Media 

Here's the synopsis of the canvas mixed media. 

On a Fineart canvas board, applied Terracotta Primer through a stencil. The terracotta primer is in a nice and thick consistency that it suits best for stencil work. I generally love to use it in all my mixed media projects to give a nice embossed effect. When you apply this primer and immediately use hair dryer, tiny cracks will be formed. They look perfect for some abstract mixed media projects. However in this case, I let it dry naturally. 

Next I mixed Shilpakar and divided my canvas into segments. In the centre, drew the Ganesha outline with a pencil and when satisfied with the shape, gave the background colour with Fevicryl Pearl Lemon Yellow. When this dried, doodled the Om with Fevicryl Acrylic Black colour with Fineart synthetic Taklon round brush size 5. Coloured the ganesha with Fevicryl Acrylic Orange and Crimson Red. When Shilpakar was dry, it was coloured with Pearl black. 

I applied Fevicryl Pearl Orange, Pearl Cherry Red and Sparkling Pearl Dark Copper over the embossed area on the sides and merged. 

On the top and bottom segments of the panel, I applied Fevicryl Solvent based Glass colour Red and let it dry. When the whole panel was dry, I embellished it with white Rhine stones and mirrors using the Fevicryl Fabric glue. Finally gave outlines with Liquid Embroidery Bronze. 

Voila!!! My Mixed Media Ganesha is ready for his birthday. 😍😍😍

There are more such inspirations available on the Hobby Ideas Blog. Don't forget to check it out. Hope you liked it. Have a great day!!!