Dream Catcher

Everybody Dreams... In the words of Colin Powell, "A dream doesn't become reality through Magic; it takes sweat, determination and hardwork".

 Be it awesome or crazy, big or small, we all dream. I gift you the Dream Catcher, wishing that all your obstacles, hurdles and hardships be filtered through the wheel, while the feathers of hope, love and harmony inspire you. 

My Dream Catcher... a fusion of stencil work and One Stroke Painting with Plaid Folkart Paints.

Materials Required:
Canvas Board
Plaid Folkart Multi surface paints Cardinal Red
Plaid Folkart Multi surface Paints Classic green
Plaid Folkart Multi surface paints Daffodil Yellow
Plaid Folkart Multi surface paints Titanium white
Plaid Folkart Multi surface Paints Orange
Plaid Folkart Color shift Paint Green Flash
Plaid Folkart Color shift Paint Pink Flash
Plaid One stroke carousel
Plaid One stroke Brushes
Crafters workshop template Mini Solace

Prepare the board by giving it a background. For this, use a wet sponge and give a wash with the Colour Shift Green Flash. I've also used the Colour Shift Pink Flash at random to add some depth to the background.
As the name suggests, when we tilt the board and see, the colour shifts from green to gold.
Allow the board to dry.

Next I did the stenciling work. For this, I used the Crafters workshop template Mini Solace with titanium white.
Let the board dry.

Our base is now ready. Now we can begin the one stroke wonder. I've started with the cabbage rose outer petals using Cardinal Red and a mix of White and Orange. I generally like to mix colors and explore, rather than using the color as it is from the bottle. Mixing colours can really bring out a whole new look to your painting. so feel free to brew in your favourite colours😌.

                           once the petals have dried, affix a bud at the centre of the flower.

                                           bring out the next layer of petals around the bud.

                                          Next, add comma strokes on either side of the bud.

 Fill in with daisy strokes to give a good finish to the flower.

Add filler buds around the flower. 

Complete the bud with a U at the bottom of the bud. 

affix the wiggling leaf to the rose

complement the rose with some more wiggling leaves.

  add the filler rose-leaves on either side of the stencil work.

accentuate the buds by adjoining them to a calyx. With the small scruffy brush load orange and yellow and bring out the filler bunch with tapping technique to really accessorise them. 

I've drawn vines on either side of the design to bring the composition together. 

What is a dream catcher without feathers and beads? 

Now with script liner draw the center of the feather.


With the colours left on the palette I've given the dry brush strokes to get the feathery effect.
To make the painting a classy native american, outline the Stencil work with a few threads hanging down with colourful beads😁.

I've added a few more elements to balance the composition.

And there you have it! Your very own personalised dream catcher.

Dream catchers are a symbol of good hope and well being. They are said to be created by the native American in the hope of filtering all your dreams and nightmares. 

To all you dreamers out there....

I present to you, the Dream Catcher.


  1. Beautiful... First of its kind that I am seeing... A fusion of stenciling and one stroke! Superb Priya.


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