Sunflower Pickle Jar

Hi everyone... Today I'm at the Craft shop blog with a tutorial on One Stroke Painting on a pickle jar.

Materials required:

Plaid Folkart Multisurface Paint Daffodil Yellow
Plaid Folkart Multisurface Paint Titanium White
Plaid Folkart Multisurface Paint Yellow Ochre
Plaid Folkart Multisurface Paint Real Brown
Plaid Folkart Multisurface Paint Classic Green
Plaid Folkart Multisurface Paint Liquorice
Plaid Folkart One stroke brushes Value Pack
Plaid Folkart One stoke Carousel
Pickle Jar

First step: Clean the jar thoroughly with water and dry it. Load the big Plaid Folkart one stroke scruffy brush with liquorice and real brown. Tap the brush like drawing a circle. Do not turn the brush angle. The center of the flower should look like a doughnut.

Now load the Plaid Folkart one stroke flat brush, size 12, with yellow ochre and daffodil yellow. While the center is still wet, do the leaf stroke as in push, turn and slide to tip to lift.

Pounce highlight on the center with a touch of yellow ochre with the small Plaid Folkart one stroke scruffy brush.

Create an angular flower the same way to get a 3D effect.

Next load the Plaid Folkart one stroke flat 3/4" brush with classic green and daffodil yellow with little titanium white, and do the wriggling leaf.

Add vines here and there to fill the spaces.

Load the script liner with a mix of yellow ochre and green and using daisy stroke add fillers.

These fillers bring the entire painting together.

Hope you found this tutorial useful.

 Our pickle jar is ready. If the jar is going to be washed with water, then use clear spray varnish to seal it.


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