One stroke jewel box

Hi everyone... Priya Satish here.
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I've finally got my own blog 😃.

They say that the journey of a hundred miles begins with the first step and here's my first post with my favourite - ONE STROKE PAINTING on a jewel box.

Materials required:
MDF jewel box
Plaid folkart Multi Surface Paints - Titanium White, classic Green, Pure Orange, Cardinal Red, Daffodil Yellow and Lime Green
Plaid folkart one stroke brushes Flat size 12, 10 and liner size 1
Plaid folkart Double loading Carousel

Step 1:
Apply a coat of gesso on the MDF box and allow it to dry.

Step 2:
With sponge, dab the entire box with a mixture of white and yellow. This gives a nice background to the box.

Step 3:
One Stroke painting is all about getting the highlight and shading all in one go.
Take red and white paints on the carousel and with the 12 size brush load the 2 colours.  Now with the shell stroke create the base of the orchid.

Step 4:
With the same colours add the leaf strokes from the centre and complete the orchid. For the centre of the flower add dots with lime green and daffodil yellow.

Step 5:
Load white and orange in brush 10 and using the heart stroke create the flowers. For the centre of this flower I have used classic green.

Step 6:
Do the one stroke wriggling leaf using brush size 12 with classic green and yellow.

Step 7:
Add tear drop leaves with white and lime green and fill the gaps. Add calyx with classic green to the buds. The creepers are done finally to bring the entire composition together.



  1. Beautiful..missed ur demo at The Craft Shop...had guests..wish I cud learn one stroke painting.

    1. Thank you! Will surely let you know when the next demo comes up.


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